Economic Public Address System for Church

Product List



Professional Power Amplifier with Bluetooth


PA Microphone


Wall Speaker


System Features

Background Music Playing

Audio sources including VCD, MP3 (USB and SD, Bluetooth) and aux are flexibly selected and each mic and aux has the independent gain adjustment. Besides our system support playing music regularly and on a scheduled.

Pre-recorded Message Broadcast

The mixer is built-in mic and recorder for easy voice message recording and storage. Then you can record various message on different occasions conveniently.

Volume and effect using system ensuring the sound quality

The amplifier built-in processor and effector provide 3 modes for the customers' requirement. Delay, echo, repeat are the function can be selected flexibly by the clients.

With Paging Mic (TS-338) Input

The system support 3 paging microphones of phone jackconnection. The microphone in the front panel has the first priority to broadcast the message.

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Link tham khảo (link web ngoài nếu có)

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Danh mục (* có thể chọn nhiều danh mục )

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